Vocational Education and Training (VET) Data Management

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Data Management Team provides help to clients for VET activity and data management inquiries.

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamThese include:

  • VET data submissions to the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT)
  • VET data error rectification
  • VET data validations.

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamFor information or help with VET data management .


AVETMISS or the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard is the National Standard for the collection and analysis of VET information in Australia.

The standard has been developed in accordance with the national strategy for VET statistical information.

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamIt provides a consistent and accurate national framework for the collection of data from VET providers, including:

  • file specifications
  • definitions
  • structures
  • relationships
  • rules related to the administrative data collection from VET providers.

Some state training authorities have developed additional state-specific requirements.

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamAVETMISS must be applied by all registered training organisations (RTOs) delivering VET activity in Queensland.

The  has more information about AVETMISS.

VET Data Management Team

DESBT’s VET Data Management Team is responsible for the collection, validation and reporting of VET Activity data, using the State Training Agency Clearinghouse (STAC) Database.

What are AVETMISS data files?

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamAVETMISS data files contain specific details of the individual training organisation and their student VET activity information, for each calendar year.

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamThey are also referred to as NAT files and are generally extracted from student management systems in a text file (.txt) format.

AVETMISS Compliant Student Management Systems

Non-government RTOs seeking to purchase an AVETMISS compliant student management system should refer to the .

The register is a guide only. The department strongly advises that you research these products before purchasing and ensure the system you choose suits your business requirements.

DETConnect and AVETMISS Training Activity

What is DETConnect?

DETConnect is an internet portal that gives registered users secure access to services including:

  • AVETMISS Training Activity (ATA)—an electronic facility offering an easy, consistent and effective method of data exchange between RTOs and DESBT.
  • Training Downloads—provides daily updates from a number of departmental databases. A snapshot report provides the available records (for example the active training contracts), and a changes report provides details about the changes made to the records.
  • Apprenticeships Info Self Service (AISS)—is a facility that enables the user to search for vocational training related information retained by DESBT. This may include information on apprentices and trainees registered in Queensland and/or student award and results information for any VET training activity reported to DESBT.
  • Travel and Accommodation Summary—allows RTOs to electronically verify the attendance of an apprentice or trainee.


Accessing DETConnect

You must to access the system—you will receive a user identification and password when you register.

Once you're registered, your appointed administrator can provide ATA access to other users in your organisation and maintain contact information through the ‘My Account’ tab in the ‘Manage Users’ section.

What is ATA used for?

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamATA is used to:

  • submit AVETMISS data files
  • access validation reports—multiple users of your organisation can receive validation reports in both PDF and Excel file formats
  • view NAT file data, in a read-only format.

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  • DETConnect
  • AVETMISS Training Activity
  • Training Downloads
  • Apprenticeship Info Self Service.